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This course is a circular and connected teaching path for science teachers . It regards flows between matter and energy exchanged in the Earth System and in the Solar system.

It deals about Energy, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology  at different levels of in-depth analysis of the tasks, depending on the level of the class.

It suggests resources and activities from educational websites and is self-paced.

Ate the end of every section teachers have to develop their own modules of the topics explored

Mathematics is the study of function and pattern in number, logic, space and structure, and of randomness, chance, variability and uncertainty in data and events. It is both a framework for thinking and a means of symbolic communication that is powerful, logical, concise and precise. 

Specialist Mathematics Units 1 and 2 provide a course of study for students who wish to undertake an in-depth study of mathematics, with an emphasis on concepts, skills and processes related to mathematical structure, modelling, problem solving and reasoning.

This study has a focus on interest in the discipline of mathematics in its own right and investigation of a broad range of applications, as well as development of a sound background for further studies in mathematics and mathematics related fields. 

Learning about  English Literature and learning by using English

Moodle MOOC 10 (MM10) will take place from May 1 - June 4,  2017 on Moodle for Teachers. The purpose of the MOOC is to connect with educators for instruction and learning, reflective practice, social and collaborative learning, cultural exchange and peace, personal and professional development, community building, best practices and challenges involved in teaching with and without technology, student engagement with the content, peers, and the facilitator, and learning to teach online with Moodle course and learning management system.

Read the overview and syllabus page for further information. 

Participants of Moodle MOOC 10, who received badges for weeks 1-3, will be able to continue working on Moodle for Teachers manager training course for managers of a Moodle site. 

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